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The Cotulla Main Street Program was organized and adopted as a department of the City of Cotulla (an incorporated city) upon recognition and designation by the Texas Historical Commission (a subdivision of the government of the State of Texas) as a Texas Main Street City in October 2006. The application for recognition as a Texas Main Street City included Resolution #05012006 which was passed, approved and adopted on May 1, 2006 by the City Council of the City of Cotulla, at that time citing the specific goal of revitalizing the central business district within the context of the preservation and rehabilitation of its historic buildings. This resolution was signed by Mayor Juan R Dominguez and City Administrator Rachel Hernandez.

The program began functioning as a department of the City of Cotulla in January 2007, hiring one employee and naming an Advisory Board of thirteen volunteer members. Bylaws were in place and approved by the City Council of the City of Cotulla, the latest revisions of which were approved by the City Council in October 2007.

The City of Cotulla retained and supported the Cotulla Main Street Program as a City department for the initial three years as required by the Texas Historical Commission, and has authorized the program to continue, now in its 9th year, with an annual budget of $60,000. The Cotulla Main Street Coordinator, the only paid staff, is a City employee.

Vision Statement

The historic community of Cotulla will become a focal point of the South Texas Brush Country for tourism and trade, drawing visitors and businesses to its culturally colorful downtown area where the rich heritage of more than a century's growth blends with modern trade and traffic for the benefit of the local and regional economy, true to the aspirations of its founders and the many generations that followed.

Mission Statement

The Cotulla Main Street Program focuses on the historic preservation of the city's downtown area and its revitalization, returning trade and tourism to the businesses and bringing new attention to the public spaces and significant architecture, using innovative design, opening new opportunities for economic development, and generating regional interest in the community as a venue for recreation and commerce.


The Cotulla Main Street Program is a department of the government of the City of Cotulla engaged in charitable efforts as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including but not limited to:

   Promoting the erection, maintenance, and enhancement of public and historic buildings, monuments, and works in Cotulla, Texas;

   Combating community deterioration, to include lessening of neighborhood tensions, discrimination and prejudice, and combating juvenile delinquency;

   Advancement of education by involving local and regional students at various levels of study, and informing community organizations and the public; and

   Enhancing the government of the City of Cotulla, Texas by seeking funding and technical resources.


To support the stated purposes of the Cotulla Main Street Program, the Cotulla Main Street Coordinator and the volunteer Advisory Board and other volunteers engage in activities to enhance the economic and social opportunities of the community including:

   Working with public and private entities to promote the city of Cotulla as a place for businesses, families, and individuals to visit and reside;

   Planning, organizing, and holding events for residents and visitors to enjoy and which also provide fund-raising opportunities for local and regional organizations and businesses as well as our own program;

   Working with downtown businesses and organizations to enhance rehabilitation and revitalization of structures and general economic growth;

   Working with public and private entities to develop planned restoration and growth efforts for the city of Cotulla; and

   Seeking and applying for funding through public and private sources to supplement the efforts of the City of Cotulla in improving infrastructure and other revitalization efforts.


Monies raised and assets accrued by and for this program shall be dedicated solely for the purposes indicated in this document. Upon dissolution of the Cotulla Main Street Program, all assets revert to the City of Cotulla.

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